Monster Manual II (1983)

Seems fitting to start this feed off with the first Dungeons & Dragons book I ever got: Monster
Manual II
(unless it was the blue Expert Rules box – I don’t honestly remember). My dad bought it for me after reluctantly bringing me to a local, hippieish bookstore of the sort that doesn’t exist anymore.

I have no explanation for why I didn’t opt for Monster Manual I. Maybe it was the rich earth
tones of the Easley cover. Maybe it was the mystery of why the giant is swinging the wrong end of his polearm at the warrior. Contents include the dread Tarrasque, the silly Froghemoth, the whatheheckisit Basidirond and a surprising homage to The Exorcist.

As an adult, years later, my favorite part of the book is the unattributed quote on the back cover. “The most complete alphabetical listing and description of the latest AD&D creatures.” I’ll let you pick apart that nonsensical bit of ad copy on your own.

Cover art: Jeff Easley
Pazuzu and Tarrasque: Jim Holloway (I think)

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