IM1: The Immortal Storm (1986)

The Immortal Storm taught me two things. The first lesson was that, once characters leveled up to immortals in the basic D&D game, they would unlock a penchant for loincloths and treat lava flows like saunas. So many abs in that Larry Elmore painting. So many.

The second thing I learned is that I wasn’t so clever a decade ago when I used a time slip in a game to send my players to the modern world, just outside the theme park depicted in the beginning of the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon. Frank Mentzer beat me to the punch back when the Mets last won the world series by sending PCs to both New York and Chicago. About the last
thing I expected when I opened this beefcakiest of modules for the first time was a giant map of Manhattan, but there you go.

I’ve neither run nor played this module, and I can’t honestly decide from reading it if it is amazing or silly. I wouldn’t mind finding out.

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