Dragon Magazine #102

Dragon 102 features cover art by Dean Morrissey, a staple artist. I love a lot of his covers, but this one is maybe the most intriguing in a Dungeons & Dragons sense. Who are these dudes and what is going on here? Why doesn’t that building have steps? What is that statue of and, if it looks like the guys stealing it, why was it in that building to begin with?

Inside, we’ve got way too much information on Gully Dwarves, a pretty excellent Celtic-themed adventure by Lise Breakey called “Valley of the Earth Mother” and stats for a plethora of canines. There’s also a brief but entertaining op-ed by editor-in-chief Kim Mohan grousing about Gen Con coverage in the press. It is nice to know that people have been weirded out by folks dressed as wizards since at least 1985…

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