Dragon Magazine #34

Dragon 34’s cover by Ken Rahman is a beauty. I totally want to see this animated movie, don’t you? Even for 1980, this art seems a bit out of time, evoking the tone of fantasy paperbacks from the late 60s and Tolkien cartoons of the 70s.

Early Dragons are pretty primitive, especially compared to other products TSR was releasing at the time. Weirdly, they have a mix of paper types, both matte and glossy, which makes them hard to handle. Inside, we’ve got some schematics for foot-harming traps, a tournament module (accompanied by a report on how the tournament went), a lot of material for a TSR board game called Divine Right (co-designed by the cover artist) and a number of other items hidden within the reader-unfriendly layout. I love the DIY zine feel, but boy if I don’t love trying to read its execution.

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