Dragon Magazine #127

Going to work through some of my favorite Dragon Magazine covers this week. First up is #127, one of the first issues I owned (though this is a new copy – all my Dragons and Dungeons perished in a flooded basement a number of years ago).

The cover art, by Jim Holloway, evokes something essential about  fantasy warfare, especially with the pallet of oranges and purples – I don’t imagine you’d see such brightness in a historical medieval siege. More importantly, you’ve got to admire that hobgoblin’s steely “bring it” in the face of certain death. And elves, come on, elves are the worst, even if they are the good guys.
I hope that general gets an ax in the head before the arches finish the hob (the cover notes inside claim these are orcs, but I always thought of them as hobgoblins).

Inside the issue are some gems, particularly the editorial on Tucker’s Kobolds, a group of insidiously clever kobolds that instilled fear in high-level PCs despite their frailty, thanks to traps and guerilla tactics. The legend of Tucker’s Kobolds was a formative piece of my education as a Dungeon Master, much to the dismay of my players.

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