Dragon Magazine #130

Next up is Dragon 130, with cover art by Linda Medley. If her name sounds familiar, that’s because she went on to become the Eisner-award winning creator of the Castle Waiting comics. I dig the influence of the turn-of-the-century illustrator Arthur Rackham, especially in regards to the palette. I also like the chutzpa of Dragon fronting a cover with obvious black magic imagery in 1988.

I owned this issue as a kid and, sadly, it taught me a valuable lesson: don’t leave your Dragon Magazines on the floor, because if you step on them barefoot at night, that cover is going to pop right off. Honestly, the covers feel like they’ll fall off if you look at them funny. I remember the content of this issue vividly. The cover though, seems much less familiar. My loss.

Speaking of the guts, this issue has the Marvel-phile article detailing Scourge and the Bar With No Name, which directly led me to being an active comic book reader. Good stuff for a ten year old.

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