G1-2-3: Against the Giants (1980)

This is the 1980 reprint Against the Giants, which collects all three of the 1978 modules (Steading of the Hill Giant Chief, Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl and Hall of the Fire Giant King) into one volume. The previous printings feel skimpy by my standards – this seems more in line with the amount of pages I expect in a module. I suspect my opinion isn’t so different from that of folks nearly 40 years ago.

Bound together, the three modules feel overwhelming. This is a lot of dungeon to crawl through and, having played these, I can attest to them feeling like a slog at points. There’s next to no opportunity for roleplaying here, just a grueling gauntlet of combat. Thank goodness that the D-Series shakes things up.

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