Permanent Character Folder and Adventure Records (1981)

Another curious record keeping accessory (are we adventurers, or accountants?). This one is the Permanent Character Folder and Adventure Records. The adventure records are easy – they’re just tally sheets for you to note important events in a given scenario. The folder? That I don’t entirely understand. There’s some distinction between the stats the never change and the stats that do – the former get noted on the permanent record while the latter get written on regular sheets, which are stored in the folder, I guess? I never saw this in the wild or encountered a person who used it. I only own it because it was tucked in the back of a second hand box set. It seems not very useful.

The Erol Otus art is very useful, though. He has a dead dragon here surrounded by the party that did it in. They seem a swell sort. I particularly enjoy the horns the sorceress has on her head. Otus was apparently all about the slight occult signifiers – did you catch the inverted pentagram in yesterday’s post?

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