Dungeon Masters Adventure Log (1980)

I’ve got a lot on my plate this week, so I’m tackling some classic D&D accessories that don’t need much commentary. I’ll return to my improbably long captions next week, for the start of my all horror game October.

First up is the Dungeon Masters Adventure Log. My main takeaway is a deep love for Erol Otus’ side view cross section of a dungeon. This is one of those D&D illustrations I’d put on my wall. That gnoll is great. And are those Galeb Duhrs?

Second takeaway? I would never in a million years use these charts, which catalog the essential stats of PCs, marching order, monster stats and treasure lists. Maybe the marching order. But probably not. Why use a full page when an index card clipped to the screen works just as well? I dig the armor and weapon illustrations though.

Minor quibble: it drives me nuts that Masters still isn’t a possessive in 1980.

If you are an old school DM, tell me if you ever used these. I bet ya didn’t!

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