GURPS Horror (1985)

I love now only how ambitious Steve Jackson’s GURPS (that is: Generic Universal Role Playing System), but how well the damn thing works. There’s a book for everything. Dozens of them no one asked for, but many of them that make you think, “Hey, that’d be kind of fun.” The fact that they all plug and play together is an under-celebrated accomplishment in the field. Want to play my Superhero Cthulhu Punk Slipstream game set in the Village from The Prisoner? I got sourcebooks for that.

GURPS Horror is, well, all you need to add horror to your GURPs campaign. And, being generic, its useful for any horror game you might want to run. Inside, you’ve a lengthy section on how to run various types of horror games, including the pros and cons of many of them; ideas for monster-hunting secret societies; said monsters to fight; a handful of settings (the roaring 20s, Victorian England, the modern day) that align with Call of Cthulhu’s established time periods; and one hell of a great appendix of suggested horror shows movies, books and comics.

I love this book. If you dig horror, grab it even if you aren’t into GURPS.

And man, isn’t that cover great? Skeleton dudes with knives are the best.

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