Pursuit to Kadath (1983)

You’d be forgiven for thinking Pursuit to Kadath was a crap book judging from the cover. And, well, it isn’t great, but the campaign, from Theatre of the Mind Enterprises, gets points for being straightforward. You’re not pursuing anything to Kadath, but I suppose Pursuit to Turkey wasn’t a sexy enough title.

The pursuit is of a university student, lately possessed, who robs a bank and flees the country. Investigators seek to catch him and prevent the spirit possessing him from turning the kid into a snake monster. If that doesn’t sound entirely in line with the Cthulhu Mthos, you’d be right – the authors seem to only have a vague working knowledge of Lovecraft’s work. Cyclopses?

I do love the art, primitive though it may be.

Bonus fact: Theatre of the Mind published a number of Call of Cthulhu licensed scenarios in the early 80s. To my knowledge, they are the first company to do so.

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