The Dungeon Explorers (1981)

Had a bit of a hectic week/weekend so I only had time for some lean and mean posts for this week, focusing on box art from Grenadier Models’ fantasy miniatures.

I never got into painting metal miniatures back in the day, partly due to lack of patience, but probably mostly due to the fact that it was an expensive hobby. I kind of like them unpainted, too. I accumulated a handful of mostly Grenadier minis in the early 90s, though I think I preferred the look of Ral Partha’s products more. It was a matter of availability though – the Walden Books in the mall had Grenadier, so Grenadier it was. Still, my group never used minis much until 3E and 4E made it a painful necessity. I have an awful lot of the pre-painted plastic Wizards of the Coast miniatures, but that is probably a tale of woe for another time.

This box is from 1981, during the brief period that Grenadier held a license from TSR to produce official Dungeons & Dragons miniatures. I got this, and about six other boxes of miniatures from a fellow who was moving cross-country and didn’t want to lug about 10 pounds of lead with him. I’ve no idea what figures go with what box, if any, but that is immaterial (I’ll share some of the cooler ones at a later date). The real prize is the box art. I mean, just look at it. It is glorious.

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