Atlantis (1992)

Rifts supplements come in three basic flavors: sourcebooks detailing broad aspects of the setting, dimension books that detail the realms that have invaded our reality and world books that break down how those dimensions have changed our world. The world books are by far the most plentiful.

This one is Atlantis. Because of course Atlantis is back. Why wouldn’t it be? It seems like a horrible place to visit.

As you’ll find whenever I try to talk about a Rifts book, summaries escape me because there is just so much crammed in here. We’ve got the Splugorth (that name, my god), a villain faction of awful techno-mages. We’ve got 20 more races suitable for players, rune magic, bio-wizardy, tattoo magic (from the back copy of the book: “including T-Men, Maxi-Men, T-Monster Men and Undead Slayers) and dragons. And pages and pages of new weapons and power armor. And the book is only 160 pages.

The art is still high quality, even if a lot of it – particularly what I assume are the Splugorth’s weird mecha are super WTF. You’ll note some dudes in masks. Masks are about as prevalent in Rifts as skulls and almost always pretty badass. I get the impression that you can tell a character’s faction by their mask, which really tickles my childhood love of Star Wars and Cobra action figures.

Fun fact: the tentacle dude with the laser gun babes from the Rifts rulebook is a Splugorth. It took a lot of work to figure that out.

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