City of Delights (1993)

City of Delights is a much better box than Land of Fate. TSR had a special talent for designing detailed and interesting cities, and their treatment of Golden Huzuz, the hub city of Al-Qadim’s Zakhara is no exception.

In all honesty, Robh Ruppel’s cover painting tells you all you need to know about the exotic atmosphere of the contents of the box. This is the D&D equivalent of Hollywood’s Baghdad, where Sinbad and Ali Baba dwell. You’ll note the lack of combat, so often depicted on D&D covers – this is again a supplement with a strong focus on culture and roleplaying, though the potential for a little swashbuckling is always present.

What City of Delights finally gives Al-Qadim is stories, a strange omission up to this point for a game based on a book about storytelling. The previous entries in the setting provide scant details on the sorts of adventures Al-Qadim is meant to provide, the why of it all. City of Delight delivers that in spades, providing dozens of characters and adventures seeds all worthy of Scheherazade. Finally, Al-Qadim begins to breathe.

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