Galaxy Guide 13: Rogue One (2016)

A bonus Star Wars RPG post for you. I don’t usually do formal posts on the weekends, nor do I generally pull stuff from PDFs, but this is too cool and I am afraid if I don’t post it now I won’t remember down the line.

This is Galaxy Guide 13: Rogue One, a completely unofficial Galaxy Guide created by illustrator Darren M. A. Calvert and former West End Games designer Eric Trautmann. It started will Calvert’s illustrations in the style of the old WEG books, then Trautmann dug into the recesses of his brain to recreate the WEG designs, complete with stats for the movie’s main characters.

This popped up online shortly after Rogue One released and I thought it was absolutely perfect. Rogue One captures so much of the atmosphere of the Star Wars Expanded Universe as detailed in the WEG RPG, I left the theater wanting a sourcebook. Well, here it is, after a fashion!

You can download it in two flavors – mint and vintage – at (scroll down to the bottom of the homepage for links).

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