Castle Paths (1981)

Castle Paths is the second box of dungeons tiles from Board-Craft Simulations, originally released in 1981 following their reprint of Fantasy Paths (which I covered last year). It sports the best cover art of the series, again by Lisa A. Free of Pendragon fame.

There isn’t a whole lot to say about these other than, “I dig ‘em.” They’re part of the original boom of creative, generic supplements for RPGs (though the inclusion of Chaosium’s Basic Roleplaying rules at least partially ties the Paths boxes to RuneQuest). These are kind of hokey and limited in use – the 3D top-down view is pretty, but also makes the tiles feel short on space, plus they are cluttered with details that make the visually interesting but less versatile.

Each set includes a number of character and monster chits to stand-in for miniatures. This one has some broos and a pair of particularly handsome ducks from Glorantha. It also sports a manticore with no wings. Gold star, Castle Paths. You know your manticores.

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