X4: Master of the Desert Nomads (1983)

X4: Master of the Desert Nomads is kind of a BS adventure by David Cook. The Master mentioned in the title doesn’t show up and everything is really prelude to X5 (which I will get into tomorrow). What you have is a three part, mostly wilderness adventure, first along a river, then through a desert and finally inside an evil abbey at the entrance to a mountain pass. It is pretty flat on its own, but works nicely with X5. It also has some very nice Keith Parkinson illustrations.

Now that we’ve covered that, let’s talk about Juggernauts. That’s one on the cover there, a big siege tower with a battering ram and stone rollers, the better for grinding PCs to paste with. Except, it isn’t a siege machine. Juggernauts are magical constructs. That thing is a golem, capable of independent action. It even has treasure inside to loot when you “kill” it.

The Juggernaut is an absolutely ridiculous monster and I love it so much. A rolling building that hates you! Where else are you going to find something like this other than early 80s D&D modules?

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