Black Pyramid – Adversarial (2013)

There is a fourth Dungeons & Dragons story record from Kid Stuff, an LP called Quest for the Cursed Bone, but I don’t own it (maybe because it doesn’t actually exist, I am not 100% convinced). So to round out this week’s posts, I dug into my records and found the one with the most D&D cover art that I could find. That record is Adversarial, by Black Pyramid.

The art is by tattooist Eli Wood and it is mighty, might fine. There isn’t much to say about the front cover aside of it being awesome – I dig the Kirby/Mignola vibes in the demon. The back cover is a nice bit of atmospheric work.

The band itself is a straight ahead doom/stoner outfit out of Boston – I mentally file them between Sleep and High on Fire, which is excellent company to keep. I suspect a good portion of their lyrical content comes out of fantasy books they love and D&D games they’ve played (they have an excellent EP called Stormbringer, after all). Check ‘em out for some heavy harmonies.

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