Denizens of the Dark Wood (1989)

Pulled Denizens of the Dark Wood (1989) off the shelf primarily for the Angus McBride cover painting. Big fan of the color palette here.

This is a MERP scenario book, containing three brief adventures set in Mirkwood. The first two are a bit pedestrian – dealing with a giant spider problem and dealing with a troll problem respectively. The third is a bit more interesting, requiring the players to infiltrate an orc keep and steal the tithe for Sauron, er, the Necromancer stored inside. I suppose the adventures do a good job introducing the titular denizens, but I dunno, it doesn’t feel terribly exciting.

Liz Danforth did the interiors and the adventures don’t really give her much to work with, but I do love that knife wielding orc a lot.

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