The introduction to Southern Cross (1987) goes into a bit of detail about the production of the RPG. Specifically, it attempts to answer the question of where all the apparently never before seen tech in the book comes from. And the answer is, nearly all of it was on screen in the show, if only for a second. They cross-referenced those appearances with the notes from screenwriter Carl Macek. This seems like a terrible way to work — watching tapes over and over again, then puzzling out what you saw against what was in the notes and scripts. Which, honestly, the process of cobbling together three separate shows into one show seems like a nightmare to begin with, so why wouldn’t the RPG be equally miserable to make?

I…don’t really understand the thread through here. I get that the Souther Cross is some sort of whole world military. I think they are the primary defense against the Robotech Masters and their Bioroid machines. Or maybe its the Zor? There are so many acronyms, I am lost.

I do like the various battlesuits, most of which seem to have a bit of samurai flare in the design. Peter Simon is behind the stipples again. They look entirely different from everything we’ve seen up to this point, so I suspect this is one of the unavoidable seems you get when combining three different shows, right? The Kevin Long cover painting is a little odd. It is so punch-centric that I want to read Souther Cross as some sort of boxing terminology.

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