Monster Dice

Back in the early 90s, I had a set of Flying Buffalo’s Adventure Dice — they were utilities for hit locations, character generation and dungeon creation. I never used them per se, but I liked the look of them a whole lot. Eventually, though, the paint rubbed off them just from being kept in the bag with other dice. So I’ve been on the look out for a replacement set (HMU if you have one!). While looking for one, I discovered Flying Buffalo’s Monster Dice, a set of dice for creating random encounters on the fly. 

One die sets the difficulty: Green Circle is the lowest, Yellow Triangle mid-level and Red Diamond high powered. Another die sets the mien of the encounter (this is a great die and I would use it outside of this set if I were to run a randomness heavy D&D game ever again). The remaining three dice have a selection of possible monsters. Green encounters are things like goblins, skeletons and your vermin swarms, Red ranges from vampires to balrogs and yellow is a pretty broad expanse in-between. The monsters they selected are good archetypes — it is pretty easy to correlated them to whatever might be on your current encounter tables. And the icons for the monsters are just great. I love them. 

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