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Burning Chrome (1987)

The 1987 Ace softcover edition of William Gibson’s first short story collection, Burning Chrome. Cover by Rick Berry. I’m new to Gibson, having only previously read Neuromancer. I didn’t expect to enjoy this very much based on my reaction to the novel — it took me a while to get the flow of the novel, so I expected the short works to end just as I was settling into them. As ever, I was wrong!

The whole collection is pretty great. The Sprawl stories are all suitably Sprawly. I think I might enjoy the heist in the title story more than the similar heist that is central to Neuromancer. My favorite though is “Hinterlands,” about a rift in space, alien artifacts and the reduction of human culture to a cargo cult. Has Gibson written more about that setting? Because I definitely want to read more about it.

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