[Tumblr folks: you get a treat! The Instagram algorithm has gotten so bad that I have resorted to posting some greatest hits reposts this week on there to juice/test some things. However, while the Instagram folks get re-runs, you get new (if admittedly brief) posts as planned!]

This week, some stuff from the binders. Over years of collecting, I’ve accumulated lots of bits of ephemera. Business cards, small zines, stickers, notes, weird bits and bobs. I never think to share, them, really, I just file them into the archive binders and forget them. But no more! Back in December I did some posts on some of those items, and we’re doing it again. It’s nice to share them. Plus, I don’t have to write a ton about them, so they’re a little break for me, too.

This is a sheet of delightful stickers from the Kickstarter for the second edition of World Champ Game Co’s Babes in the Wood RPG. Art by Kim Nguyen.

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