Dogtooth Valley (2021)

Dogtooth Valley (2021) is a little pocket zine that…I am not sure now if I bought this or if it was sent out to Patrons. Time makes fools of us all, or something.

Anyway, this is a neat little agnostic collection of hexes, designed to be dropped into any ongoing game. Mechanics are minimally indicated and the challenges are good for lower level characters. You get a nice valley populated with a small outpost, two tombs, a mountain forge, a fungus cave, a swamp and a keep full of coyote soldiers. I read this as “gnolls,” but maybe they are intelligent coyotes, or coyote themed bandits. There are no right answers — I kinda love how open-ended it is. Anyway, the coyote fellows are the major problem in the valley, so maybe save the keep for last.

This reminds me a little of the way the Lowcountry Crawl zines are meant for D&D while simultaneously keeping some semblance of the real world mid-19th century America that inspired the material. Similarly, Dogtooth Valley makes me think Nate took some inspiration from near his home region of Shreveport, Louisiana. I dig that, it makes the D&D bits vibrate differently.

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