A Night at the Opera (2018)

A Night at the Opera (2018) is a hardcover anthology of previously published Delta Green scenarios. It takes its title from the sardonic slang of Delta Green agents, who refer to any operation involving the supernatural as a night at the opera.

Delta Green scenarios come in two varieties for me — ones I want to play IMMEDIATELY and ones I never want to play because they tackle subjects I just, for a variety of reasons, don’t want to play games about (and that’s fine, there isn’t anything inherently wrong with them, they just aren’t my taste in horror, you know?). There isn’t much middle ground. Two of the scenarios here — one about Tcho Tcho drug traffickers and one about an infectious fungus — are the latter. A third, “Viscid,” is one of the rare ones that sits in the middle ground, its a mad science/life after death horror yarn and is pretty solid thematically but requires a lot of manhunt travel that I am not sure how I’d handle as the GM. The other three, tho, are stone cold classics.

“Music From a Darkened Room” is a haunted house jam that is so fucking good. Self contained, terrifying, with an extremely high cost for solving — these ghosts have no intention of leaving. “The Star Chamber” has a great gimmick — players take the roles of their usual characters who preside in judgment over agents from a mission gone wrong, and also play through that action in flashback. Genius. The last one, “Observer Effect,” goes hard on weird science. I don’t even want to talk about that one lest I spoil anything. The whole book is worth the price for that one scenario.

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