A Victim of the Art (2018) was originally a Call of Cthulhu scenario, included in the Pagan Publishing sourcebook, Delta Green: Countdown. This version has been retooled for the Delta Green RPG. I am pretty sure it has only been published as a stand-alone booklet and hasn’t been included in any of the adventure anthology hardcovers.

Anyway, it’s great, a story of a serial killer stalking a seaside town. As with most Delta Green scenarios, the way through is neither clear nor comfortable. The source of the supernatural troubles isn’t a maniacal sorcerer; rather, there is a lack of intention behind all the key players that makes the mystery a real tragedy in the end. Delta Green is about costs, for the player characters, and for everyone they meet.

I enjoy Dennis Detwiller’s cover for this one, it is one of the covers that really enticed me into trying out Delta Green in the first place.

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