I love a Christmas-themed scenario. Especially a horror one.

Jack Frost (2021) is a Delta Green scenario oddity, in that players don’t take the role of Delta Green agents. Instead, they’re operatives of Delta Green’s rivals, the ultra-secret US Government program MAJESTIC. They are sent to investigate an unnatural incursion in Alabama in December of 1998, where an entire town has frozen to death. Anyone with even passing Cthulhu Mythos experience is liable to recognize that this is the work of Ithaqua, the Wind-Walker, and a whole lot of frozen people with glowing eyes and an appetite for human flesh are about to become a big problem.

Solving that problem is tricky! For starters, there are some cross-purposes at play in the bureaucracy of MAJESTIC that complicate matters. Second, despite the secrecy, MAJESTIC can bring alien technology or just oodles of conventional weapons into the mix, should the players desire. I find that given the option, players always want ordinance, even if ordinance almost never helps. Its a particularly dodgy prospect here. Finally, the central supernatural location resides in an interestingly out of the way place, so even if they want to solve the case through subtle occult means, getting to the venue is going to be tricky. And even if they can, the solution is neither holly nor jolly.

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