A lot of TSR’s Forgotten Realms has always read a little bit like a theme park to me. The Great Glacier as a ski lodge with monsters, the jungles of Chult as Jurassic Park with swords. I can see the appeal of this even as it kind of grates on my nerves because I can see all the seams clearly. Like, there was no attempt to hide the seams at all.

Go to the Sea of Fallen Stars, be a pirate! Pirates of the Fallen Stars (1992) may as well be the Forgotten Realms’ Pirate of the Caribbean ride. This should really annoy me. And yet, it does not. There are zero surprises here. There are details on lots of pirates, the islands of the inner sea and a set of rules for all things nautical. Oh, and there is one island where a neogi spelljamming ship crashed and marooned its monstrous crew. So I guess that, at least, is surprising. A pretty solid campaign could spring entirely from this book!

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