Conquest at Quendor (1984)

Fourth verse, same as the first. This is Conquest at Quendor (1984). It is essentially the same as the previous books, structurally. I don’t want to say it works less well than the other books, because that might give them too much credit. But this one is definitely showing that this was not a longterm winning formula. It is the last of the Zork pick-your-path books and I didn’t have much patience laying around to spend carefully rereading it.

I have tremendous nostalgia for this book, because I bought it at an elementary school book sale. Possible the same book sale as the one I got my first copy of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and a couple packs of those D&D rub-down transfers. Or maybe I am combining a bunch of book sales. Doesn’t matter, in the long run. I love this cover. That critter, the demon Jeearr, is damn strange. I don’t remember anything about the story other than bad riddles and that the story doesn’t measure up to the cover. Which is fine. It’s a good cover.

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