Like Cairn, Rogueland (2020) is another RPG built out of some of Knave’s DNA, this time combined with Ars Magica’s approach to free form magic.

On the surface, this is a much more D&D-like system. The prime difference, really, is the magic system, which sort of builds off the D&D convention that thieves can use magic items and scrolls without being formally trained in them.

The system is two parts. First, the players needs to make a Wisdom save when confronted with a scroll. Success allows them to attune with the scroll, which reveals the scroll’s randomly generated key words, one for an Action, one for an Object. So, like, Tranform and Sound. Or Destroy and Animal. All spells are assumed to have a range of 40 feet, a duration of level x 10 minutes and does damage (if applicable) of a number of D6 equal to the casters level. There are no other requirements, so spell effects can be as broad or specific as the caster desires so long as it fits within those admittedly loose parameters. Once a spell is cast, the scroll is destroyed (though multiple casters can use a scroll to create an item imbued with the spell properties, which is marginally more stable. Failures produce arcane feedback, resulting in physical damage (in dice equal to the character’s level, so potentially A LOT). Specific effects can also be ignored in favor of harnessing pure arcane energy to damage or heal (a la Wonders & Wickedness).

That’s basically it! There are a couple encounter seeds, some broadly detailed hexes to explore and two dungeons. Quick, clean and efficient.

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