Hehe, this is the Unicorn for the Lost Worlds combat game, one of only three larger monster type combatants in the early releases (along with the cold drake and the manticore [with wings, alas]). I find this one kind of hilarious.

Mostly because I think modern conception of the unicorn has dulled its fierceness. I think the prime image that springs to mind (aside of countless cartoon versions) is of the unicorn laying its head in the lap of a maiden. Gentle. Quiet. And here’s this book, where it is illustration after illustration of the unicorn kicking your ass. Literally you are on the business end of the ass-kicking, thanks to the first person perspective. This brings me joy.

I also think it is funny because the earliest Lost Worlds books used combatants from the Society for Creative Anachronism as visual reference for the the various maneuvers. Makes sense, what with the SCA being all about armor and medieval combat. But I also like to envision what sort of farcical violence might emerge in attempting to get similar reference out of a real live ornery horse.

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