Swamp Goblin (2019)

Swamp Goblin, like Bodie’s other zines I’ve discussed this week, is about what it says it is about — swamp goblins. Goblins, in general, are a longtime artistic obsession of Bodie’s — his last Kickstarter (as I write this in 2022) was all about them. This feels like a tiny test run. Like Sentient Ooze, it is a fold up, possibly risographed zine that primarily uses dark green as a focus color. It’s delightful.

I find that Bodie’s take on goblin’s pairs well with the Goblinville game and has, along with that zine, gone a long way toward encouraging me to question the default D&D play loop of fight/kill/loot. I don’t want to fight these goblins. Are all goblins like this? I don’t want to fight any goblins then. Can we fight less then?

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