When I started this Instagram account, one of the first artists I found through it was @BodieH and I just fell in love with his work — I used his art, including like half a dozen of original watercolors, to decorate my finished wood-paneled basement, and it is a perfect match.

Anyway, it is hard to talk about Bodie’s RPG work under the Slowquest name with any sort of specificity, because so much of it is dependent on feel. The feel of his art, which is extremely stylized and cartoonish, but also the feel of his zines, many of which are handmade and use unusual materials or assembly methods. The art is particularly interesting, because if you look at enough of it, you start to get a glimpse at a compelling fantasy world, one built largely through the interplay of images and their implications. It’s huge part of the appeal, and greater than any individual product.

Those individual products are pretty great on their own merits, too. They all remind me of treats you might find at a bakery — the small ones petit fours, the larger ones cakes, all of them taste explosions. This is one of the larger zines, A Guide to Creatures of the Forest, a little monster manual of sorts. Remember, though — Bodie’s creatures may look cute, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t dangerous. In fact, the majority of them are pretty horrific! I particularly like the carnivorous grass that creeps over sleeping campers like a blanket. Eeek!

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