OK, stick with me here. I bet you’re looking at The Hawaiian Computer Mystery (1985) and thinking, “well, that looks like a crummy pick-your-path book.” And you aren’t wrong! But you’re also not correct, either. First off, the whole Making Choices series is built around teaching Christian lessons through their narratives, with characters who tend […]

Bonus Saturday post! There are six books in the Golden Dragon series, so it seemed silly to leave one for another day. This is Castle of Lost Souls. This is an odd one. Apparently Dave Morris originally wrote this as a serialized solo adventure in White Dwarf magazine (as noted in the copyright info), well […]

I was missing Curse of the Pharaoh for some reason so I tracked it down recently and boy, was that $3 wasted. Mark Dunn’s art doesn’t do it for me, the book is hard and unimaginative and there are typos galore. The atmosphere is stale. It is as if they took everything that made Temple […]

All right. Here we go. The Eye of the Dragon, my favorite adventure gamebook of all time. Seriously, forget the kid in the toga and Keds, this is the high water mark of the series. You’re exploring Thalios, a city that had until recently been submerged under the ocean. The city is the star of […]