Kormorg feels a lot different from other Heimat der Katastrophe releases and maybe the one that comes closest to Neptune Towers for me. Going out on a limb here, so bear with me. When I listen to certain kinds of music, particularly ambient or atmospheric stuff, my brain sometimes translates the sound into a feeling […]

Thug Life in Tsargol, by Zandar Zan, is inspired by a character in Lin Carter’s Thongor comics: Zandar Zan, the best thief in Tsargol. This one is way more sci-fi in its vibes, for me. I get a strong mix of like, Bladerunner and what the soundtrack to the 80s He-Man live action movie should […]

This is His Doom in the Eye of a Skeletal King, by Thongor. This is a delightfully niche project, inspired by the hero of Lin Carter’s barbarian novel Thongor of Lemuria (later revised and reissued as Thongor and the Dragon City). Thongor also briefly starred in a Marvel comic series in the 70s. You can […]

Gnoll is the Heimat der Katastrophe project I most often hear folks professing their love for. It is a little less bloopy than Kobold, a little spookier, a little more blackened. This is their second album, Music for Dungeons, which is just two 20-minute tracks full of chanting, airy spaces, menacing drums and plenty of […]

My introduction to the dungeon synth genre was Heimat der Katastrophe’s first Kobold album. This is the second, The Curse of the Ancient Abbey. I love the stuff HDK puts out, so I have largely stuck to their brand of DS, but I am slowly expanding out. This is a tape cassette, by the way. […]