Callof Cthulhu is not a game that needs a monster manual. Monster manualsare for games of an entirely different temperament, where randomencounters happen frequently and strength of arms wins victories andpiles of monsters are needed to make for ever more bellicosetriumphs. If you were to put the same amount of monsters in a Call ofCthulhu […]

Now, the last two days posts may have left you thinking “Well, this is all fine and good, Stu, but what’s this cult fantasy movie have to do with RPGs?” Behold: Outworlder (2018), an indie RPG based on Krull by @Richardson.Games  (AKA @Suitorsclub, who also brought us the dystopian gangwar RPG Deathblow). This is the […]

Fatal Experiments (1990) collects just three scenarios. The first is a solid gold classic. I am not sure about the others. Let’s get those out the way. There’s “The Songs of Fantari” which is about Deep Ones (CoC’s fish people) returning to an Italian island to conduct scientific experiments on humans. The other, “The Lurker […]