Tales of the Outer Planes (1988) is an anthology of adventures meant to support the Manual of the Planes. Despite an amazing Jeff Easley cover painting of a troop of githyanki emerging from astral mists, the book is an unfortunate snoozefest. Planescape it ain’t! There is hardly any art inside and what there is doesn’t […]

Something about SF4: Mission to Alcazzar (1984) doesn’t inspire much confidence. Maybe it is the Elmore painting, which is fine, but I dunno, off-roading was never my thing and it also gives off a very particular 1984 vibe to me. Maybe its the brown? I dunno. It feels way more GI Joe to me than […]

The first Star Frontiers adventure, SF0: Crash on Volturnus, is included in the box set. Spoiler: the players crash on Volturnus and have to seek safety. The scenario ends with them coming through a trial by combat in order to join a native tribal group. SF1: Volturnus, Planet of Mystery (1982) is the first stand-alone […]

Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarge! This week on the Vintage RPG Podcast, we look at the Battlesystem, TSR’s mostly failed attempt to shoehorn wargaming back into the Dungeons & Dragons experience. We also talk a bit about TSR’s failed foray into making miniatures. Mess after mess. But at least it gave us that amazing Jeff Easley painting! 

N5 — Under Illefarn (1987) kind of takes all the previous threads of the N-series and tries to reconcile them into a whole while also being one of the first modules to introduce players to the Forgotten Realms. It takes into account the zero level character rules from N4 (though it doesn’t expand on them […]