Let’s end on a high note in honor of the spooky season. This is Vampires (1990) and is probably the best sourcebook for the Mayfair version of Chill. Which doesn’t entirely count because it is basically a reprint of a Pacesetter Chill sourcebook. Like the Lycanthropes book, this one starts off with a history of […]

Things (1993) is a monster book for Chill. While there are some monsters detailed in the core rulebook, there aren’t nearly enough for a monster-of-the-week sort of game that Chill essentially is, so Things is a welcome edition. Sidenote: I think Chill is a weird name for an RPG. I get what they were going […]

I think “Companion” books for RPGs are always more miss than hit and Chill Companion (1991) reinforces that belief. It certainly has the weakest cover art. Like most companion books, this one is a bit of a potpourri. There are new rules for magic and psionics, piles of new skills, a lengthy section on building […]

Gonna be honest, I’m sharing the rest of the Mayfair Chill books this week primarily because of their covers. I really enjoy Joe DeVelasco’s art – it has a lot of Pirhanna Press/early Vertigo comics vibes and I think in a lot of ways (along with some other key games from 89/90) it predicts the […]