Hey, another two-headed dragon! This one was a classic mainstay of five-and-dimes and other cheap toy stores across the US in 1983. It was from Imperial Toys’ Dragons & Daggers line, which was a potpourri of Hong Kong knock-offs capitalizing on both D&D and He-Man (for more on that, scroll back in the feed about […]

In 1983, DFC released a line of action figures in order to either beat the official LJN line of D&D toys to the market, or just capitalize on their popularity. Accounts vary. The action figures are hilariously generic, boasting names like Wizard and Dragon Man. There are also a number of “riding beasts” straight out […]

This dragon is from Dimensions for Children’s Dragonriders of the Styx line of toy soldier-style plastic figures, released circa 1981. The line was a series of playsets and toy assortments released in response to (and sometimes directly ripping off) Dungeons & Dragons. The DFC figures have surprisingly good sculpts considering they were cheap Hong Kong […]