The late Karen Wynn Fonstad’s Atlas of the Dragonlance World (1987) is one of many Dragonlance tie-in books produced by TSR. Most of them are a little odd. I used to think this one was, too (and dryyyyyy), but I have changed my mind. This is maybe my favorite Dragonlance sourcebook. Fonstad was a Midwestern […]

This book was kindly provided by our sponsor, Noble Knight Games. You’ll often hear me say that TSR had no idea how to capitalize on the popularity of Dragonlance (or, honestly, most of their campaign settings). The Player’s Guide to the Dragonlance Campaign (1993) is a pretty good example of this. The book was intended […]

The last of the Dragonlance box sets is a curious one, Dwarven Kingdoms of Krynn (1993). This is pure fluff, devoted to chronicling the entire history of Krynn’s dwarves, distilling and expanding on material originally presented in the series of novels. In practical terms, this is of dubious value – by the in-game time of […]

Time of the Dragon (1989) is a jam-packed box set that introduces Taladas, the other continent of Krynn that remains totally untouched by the events of the Dragonlance novels. I see this as an attempt to build a traditional D&D campaign setting (one with custom characters and no rigid meta-story) for Dragonlance that doesn’t have […]

This is Tales of the Lance (1992), one of surprisingly few Dragonlance box sets. Despite being the foundation of a wildly successful fiction line, TSR never really figured out what to do with Dragonlance as a campaign setting – the original modules were intended for pre-generated characters and that was something the setting struggled to […]