Lords of Middle-Earth Volume III is concerned with everybody that wasn’t in the first two books – dwarves, orcs, hobbits, trolls and ents. Its…a weird mix, but it still manages to have more energy than the first book. And you have to admire the determination of the writers when you get the orcs section, statting […]

Lords of Middle-Earth Volume II covers the many variations of Men in Tolkien’s world. That also includes Nazgul. Nazgul are cooler than regular Men, so I’m going to talk primarily about them. As I mentioned yesterday, these books filled gaps in Tolkien’s writings. JRR only named one of the ring wraiths – Khamul the Easterling […]

I did some MERP not so long ago, but I am still scratching the itch, so we’re doing another week of it. This time, I am looking at the core sourcebooks. Let’s start with the first volume of Lords of Middle-Earth.  This three volume series is dedicated to the stats and histories of important NPCs, […]