Aliens! Aliens, aliens, aliens. Forget the laser swords and mystic powers and starships, my love of Star Wars was always tied first and foremost to the weird aliens. Boba Fett doesn’t hold a candle to Zuckuss or Bossk, because Boba Fett is just some guy in armor. Galaxy Guide 4 (1989) is all about aliens. […]

Galaxy Guide 3 (1989) applies the approach from Galaxy Guide 1 to Empire Strikes Back. If it is less successful, it is only because the movie just has less interesting background characters (read: aliens). The bulk of the book is given over to both rebel and imperial personnel. Much of it reads like an excerpt […]

The Galaxy Guide series of sourcebooks for West End Games’ Star Wars RPG formed the backbone of what would eventually become the Star Wars expanded universe. This is the first, A New Hope (1989). Just about every character that appears in the first movie gets a profile, full body illustration (courtesy of Michael Manley and […]