DL10 – Dragons of Dreams (1985) is probably the best of the Dragonlance modules? You might be questioning if “best of the Dragonlance modules” is really a metric of success at this point. I think it is! As I am wont to repeat: Dragonlance was a massive, boundary pushing experiment that happened in real time. […]

DL5 – Dragons of Mystery is a Dragonlance sourcebook. This is weird for a couple of reasons. For starters, you’d think the series would have led with this, since it has lots of information on the pre-generated characters and how they met (is…Raistlin smiling in that group photo style illustration??), the world, the dragons and […]

DL4 – Dragons of Desolation is a weird one, and wraps up the material novelized as Dragons of Autumn Twilight.   It is weird because the module provides a massive dwarven city to explore, complete with a novel mapping system of pregenerated “blocks” but then doesn’t populate them with much of any real interest and […]

DL3 – Dragons of Hope is quite a bit better than DL2 and sees a shift in priorities, with the players leading 800 refugees to safety while being pursued by the dragonarmies. After some novel wilderness traversal and encounters, this requires getting into the dwarven city of Thorbardin, which requires a key, which requires going […]

Here’s DL2 – Dragons of Flame. Bid farewell to freedom of choice in Dragonlance from this point forward. Fantastic Jeff Easley cover aside, the wheels are already starting to come off. There is really only one path through the adventure – learn of the destruction of Solace, free some slaves, hook up with elves, travel […]

This is DL1 – Dragons of Despair (1984), the first Dragonlance module and the first appearance of Dragonlance in print in general (the first novel, Dragons of Autumn Twilight, wouldn’t appear for another half a year). The idea for Dragonlance was to plot a grand story and tell it through a trilogy of novels while […]