I’ve heard that Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand (1994) is maybe the most hated Vampire: The Masquerade sourcebook. It apparently takes all that intricately plotted lore and takes a sledgehammer to all of it. I love a good catastrophic paradigm shift, so lets see if it measures up, eh? Up to this point, the […]

In case you didn’t know, Vampire: The Masquerade has like a billion sourcebooks. Every clan, every secret society, sourcebooks for everything. There are about a dozen sourcebooks for cities, which are pretty key to running a game. Most of the cities are big, sexy ones, like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles. New Orleans, so important […]

Look, I love Vampire: The Masquerade lore. I think it is rich as peanut butter pie and entirely stupid at points, but you have to appreciate the commitment to both the scope of the world building and the devotion to its fine details, especially since a good 80% of it seems useless for, you know, […]

When I was a kid, it was the black bound Time-Life Enchanted World volumes that commanded my attention: this, Ghosts (we’ll see that later in the week) and Tales of Terror (another time, alas). This one is damn unsettling, collecting tales of things that prey on humankind by moonlight, like the several pages devoted to […]