This week on the Vintage RPG Podcast, we’re back on RuneQuest, talking about some of the stuff that makes the world of Glorantha special, specifically its approach to mythology, time and its surprising meta-commentary on roleplaying games themselves! That’s two RuneQuest episodes and we’re still barely scratching the surface.

* * *

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One thought on “Glorantha

  1. New fan here. Happy to say that I and my fellow explorer, J-M, have the YouTube show anyone interested in Glorantha might want to check out: Exploring Glorantha ( We just recorded our 17th episode which will be out next weekend (will be marked episode 16 for “reasons”). Also worth checking out another great podcast The God Learners also with tons of good Glorantha and RuneQuest content ( We do about a show a month, broadcasting live on Twitch and then posting on YouTube. We are happy to have more Glorantha lovers as well as the Glorantha curious coming to check us out. Looking forward to learning more from your podcast!

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