Elven Banner (1985)

Alas, they aren’t all like Swordthrust and Clockwork Mage. This is Elven Banner (1985), an adventure that combines two things I don’t like very much: elves and time travel. Dawn Wilson’s cover is fine, and previously fronted Terri Wilding’s anthology Faery (1984). Teanna Byerts’ interiors seem rushed.

I honestly can’t parse the way the time travel works. Somehow the titular banner has been destroyed and if the players don’t go back in time and get an undestroyed version of it and bring it to the present, the evil forces will triumph, or something. I don’t think time travel is supposed to work like that? But, whatever. When I was in school, I’d get in trouble a lot because if I thought an assignment was a waste of my time, I just wouldn’t do it. Same feeling applies here.

If you look at the cover, you’ll see that the box that explains the compatibility with D&D, which is on the cover of every Role Aids product pretty much, covers a banner and part of the credit. So careless. I feel like that sums up the module perfectly.

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