Sanctuary (1982)

In 1982, Mayfair (the eventual publishers of the nefarious Catan) put out a Thieves’ World board game called Sanctuary. It is actually all right, for an old school, heavily dice-based game. The premise is obvious: wander around the city stealing stuff and try to not get killed. The mechanics
are simple enough and the pace fast enough that I don’t see it having the chance to turn into a tedious slog.

The board is fantastic, a big color map of Sanctuary, one of my favorite vintage boards. The card art is primitive, funny and just a little bit patronizing when it comes to integrating material from the stories. Good stuff, overall.

Around the same time, FASA released five modules set in Thieves’ World (all of which, weirdly, have the same cover art). Until Green Ronin briefly revisited the setting in 2005, that’s pretty much the extent of Thieves’ World’s impact on RPGs.

All that, and I STILL DON’T KNOW WHO THOSE THREE PEOPLE IN GREEN ARE. Come on, one of you HAS to know.

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