Deluxe City Campaign Set (1989)

OK, this is pretty cool, the Marvel Super Heroes RPG Deluxe City Set from 1989. The starburst says it is the most detailed city ever created for a roleplaying game, which is overselling it, especially from a company that put out the Forgotten Realms City System the year prior. Still, like I said, this is a pretty cool box.

This isn’t just any city, of course: its New York City. Which is kind of cheating if you’re saying its the most detailed city ever CREATED for an RPG – a good chunk of this box is just a 1989 NYC tour guide converted into RPG terms. Which is great, don’t get me wrong. I’m just saying.

Of course, the real juicy bits are the Marvel Universe locations within NYC. Like Dr. Strange’s Bleeker Street digs, the Baxter Building and the Hellfire Club. Complete with tons of maps. Again, as a tourist of 1980s Marvel comics, this stuff is pure catnip.

Really dig the depiction of Punisher on the cover as a disappointed 50s dad.

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