Operation: Fastpass (1983)

Operation: Fastpass (1983) is an interesting one.  I don’t own the previous module, Lady in Distress, but it is apparently another commando raid. Which makes Fastpass the first Top Secret module that is, you know, about spies. The goal is to infiltrate a conference in Hungary and extract the target, a Russian defector, to a safe house outside the country.

It still has that old school combat grind. But much of the game is given over to surveillance and subtlety. You can’t just shoot everybody and succeed. Though you will probably shoot lots of people.

I feel like the set piece of getting through a border crossing with an asset is a classic high-tension spy situation and well suited for an RPG. I kind of want to run Fastpass just to see how my players would handle it.

Not a lot of art in this one, but dig that Tim Truman cover painting. Also, it amuses me that Fastpass is also apparently the name of the thinger that lets you skip the line at Disney World.

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