Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Hi gang! This week, we’re getting ready for the holidays and wanted to help give you a leg up on your gifts for your friends and family around the gaming table (and maybe yourself too, let’s be real). Below you’ll find link to everything we talk about on the show, plus info on the coupon codes.

Han Cholo (ha, that name) for all your nerd jewelry and apparel needs.

Dellamorte & Co. (whoops, said that wrong on the podcast) and Black Rider Industries for sculptures and decorative housewares. (see coupon code info below!)

Ice Cream Dice and Level Up Dice for, well, sweet dice.

Exalted Funeral, for all your weird, dark, indie, occult, metal RPG needs (see coupon code info below!).

Zweihander (For the other books in the line, check this link)

The Young Adventurer’s Guides

Chaosium – RuneQuest, Call of Cthulhu Starter Set, Miskatonic University – The Restricted Collection, Khan of Khans

Noble Knight Games, for all your tabletop needs, new and old (see coupon code info below!).

Invisible Sun (Stu said on the podcast that it was a relaunch and he has no idea why he did that – it is a new, original game)

* * *

Use code VINTAGERPG2019 for 15% off all purchases at Black Rider Industries through December 6.

Use code vintagerpg for 10% off all purchases at Exalted Funeral through December 15 (note: media mail can’t be guaranteed for Christmas delivery).

Use code vintagerpg for 10% off all purchases ($5 minimum) at Noble Knight Games from December 3 through December 22 (mind your shipping methods to make sure you get your packages on time).

* * *

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Tune in next week for the next episode. Until then, may the dice always roll in your favor!

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